Grupo Evento Plus

We love to talk, sing and sometimes, even scream! Since year 2000, our voice has become that of the meetings industry in Spain. But, what do we do exactly? Yes! So many things! Some of our parents are still figuring that out after all these years. And those who know us can understand this because we have a complicated challenge. If you have time to have a coffee with us, we will tell you the complete story, full of anecdotes and emotions. But if you already have a coffee at hand, let us give it to you straight up:

Essentially, Grupo eventoplus is a media group. Our eyes and hearts are centred in connecting MICE professionals and bringing them value with the best information and knowledge and to do business together. We want to help you so that your meetings are a success, equip you with the necessary resources for your professional growth and help you to find the best solutions for your work and company.